An initiative to drive local innovation globally


Open data, AI, and digital technologies will be crucial catalysts for collaboration, innovation, and informed decision-making in addressing climate change – building resilience and preparing for climate mitigation in agriculture and fisheries.


The objective of OpenEPI is to support local innovation that is fuelled by a global platform of open data, technology and AI.


The project is possible through the cooperation of our partners.

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Knowit is a Nordic powerhouse for the digital solutions of the future. Our vision is to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation. Knowit is the techonolgical partner of the project.
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Capto is a consulting company that offers analysis, research and advice in the areas of digitalisation, management, innovation and sustainability. Capto is responsible for the feasibility study, including assessment of the data ecosystem and of issues related to organization, governance, user uptake and risks - and for the reporting from the project.
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Creative Commons is an international nonprofit organization and network devoted to educational access and expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share. They are responsible for giving advice to the project, in their area of expertise.
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Open Future is a think tank that develops new approaches to an open internet that maximize societal benefits of shared data, knowledge and culture. They are responsible for giving advice to the project, in their area of expertise.

Funded by

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Norad is the Norwegian agency for development cooperation. They work for the world to achieve the UN's sustainability goals.
Picture of farmers in a flood-ridden area

Why OpenEPI

There is a need for a robust and accessible digital infrastructure for open data and algorithms on weather, water, earth, and vegetation, across projects, sectors, and contexts – providing a base for the necessary local technology innovation. The Open Earth Platform (OpenEPI) is an initiative to prepare for such an infrastructure.

Picture of farmers in a flood ridden area

Pre-project and pilot phase

In 2023-2024, OpenEPI will be run as a feasibility study, where we will explore and develop the infrastructural concept and the blueprint for the platform architecture, the conceptual set-up for local innovation, and demonstrate actual solutions based on open data and algorithms, addressing specific use cases in sub-Saharan Africa. OpenEPI will be designed around open principles for data and software, building on the work by Norwegian Norad – regarding Digital Public Goods (DGP).