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An Open Source approach in the pre-project phase

We are currently evaluating different approaches for building the platform for OpenEPI. Currently in a pre-project phase, we are actively experimenting with various technologies, all open source, and are dedicated to open-sourcing all our code, inviting collaboration and transparency.

Building on Open Source Foundations
The digital backbone of OpenEPI rests in the pre-project on two of the most prominent cloud platforms: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). These platforms offer robustness and flexibility, essential for the evolving needs of the project.
In the realm of infrastructure orchestration, Pulumi and Kubernetes are being evaluated. Pulumi offers an open-source infrastructure as code tool that aligns with the project's philosophy, while Kubernetes, a cornerstone in the world of container orchestration, provides an open-source solution to manage the platforms containers efficiently.

Open Source Data Solutions
The data handling strategy of OpenEPI is being crafted using open source tools like Dagster and Dask. Dagster, an open-source data orchestrator, is being assessed for its capability to streamline complex data workflows. Dask complements this by offering a parallel computing solution, adept at handling voluminous data, completely in the open-source domain.

The API layer, featuring Python, FastAPI, and Pydantic, reflects the projects open-source ethos. Python, renowned for its open-source community, serves as the primary programming language. FastAPI and Pydantic, both open-source projects, are being tested for their efficiency in web request handling and data validation, respectively.

Our frontend components, crafted with Typescript, React and Next.js, also adheres to the open-source mandate. Typescript, a superset of JavaScript, offers scalability and maintainability in code development, while React, a popular open-source library, is instrumental in building a responsive and engaging front end.

Embracing Open Source in Every Step
As OpenEPI moves through its pre-project phase, the focus on open-source technology is evident. This approach not only aligns with the mindset of community-driven development but also ensures that the project remains transparent, inclusive, and accessible. By open-sourcing all our code, OpenEPI is not just building a platform; it's fostering a community and an ecosystem where innovation, collaboration, and shared knowledge are the keystones.